View Full Version : Ghost Image problems - Daemon Pro

21.08.2008, 23:40
We are using Daemon Tools Pro, we have several licenses (25)
We are trying to use Ghost to push multiple images out on our network.
We have mounted several ISOs and changed drive letters for virtual drives on the machine before pulling the image, using Ghost 11, to our Ghost console server .
When pulling an image we come to find that the image has not retained the drive letters or the mounted images assigned to it before the image was created.:confused:
Is there some way to set Daemon Tools pro so that it does not loose ISO and drive letter association after being imaged?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!:rolleyes:

28.08.2008, 18:44
Unfortunately, all drive letter assignment is handled by Windows. Not sure what to suggest for you. Maybe try setting the virtual drive letters well above your physical drives (f.e. I set mine to P, Q, R and S). As for the ISO images, you could try setting commands in the run section to force mounting specific images on boot.

28.08.2008, 19:30
Thanks for your response Jito463.
I had assigned letters in the higher range (S,R,X,Y etc.)
But after the imaging process, I wound up losing the drive letters (as well as images no longer being mounted)when pulling the image down again. :confused:

I did come up with a solution that worked for me, in case someone else has this issue.

I went into preferences and selected:

General-enable command line options
Integration-enable DTpro shell extensions, select all (for file extensions)
Then I put a shortcut for the ISOs on "all users" desktop.
When a shortcut is double clicked on, the ISO is automatically mounted on an available drive in daemon.
Also, I used an application called USBDML (free license for educational use) to reassign the USB drive letters to X and Z so that there is no conflict when daemon takes up letters E thru I. :D