View Full Version : Lite 4.30.1 freezes comp

23.08.2008, 20:15
My computer freezes when i try to install a program from a ISO file. I don't get a blue screen of death, it just stops.

Originally i was having problems attaching it but i change the drive letter and turned on all of the emulation settings. this allowed me to view the opening menu of the program. all menu items work correctly but when i select "install" my computer crashes. The file is over 2 gb in size. Other people have been able to install this file using daemon tools.

Any help would be great

My comp..
Intel core 2cpu 700 @ 2.66ghz
2.00gb ram
Windows Xp Professional version 2002. sp2
Geforce 8800gtx

24.08.2008, 12:12
How you created that iso file?

27.08.2008, 00:11
I don't know how my friend made the iso file. he went on vacation this week. I burned the ISO file with astroburn and it worked fine.