View Full Version : Small bug : Last visited dir kept "busy"

25.08.2008, 23:18

It seems that daemon tools keeps the last "visited" directory open (or at least some kind of open handle to it).

Though it's nice of the tool to remember the last used directory, it has the consequence of "locking" this dir for windows which means it can't process a removal (the traditional "busy" message after a short time-out period appears).

In non-technical terms, it means that, if you mounted an iso image located in a directory, then unmounted it and try to delete the directory and it's content, Windows will not allow it.

The workaround is to open another iso in another place, which "frees" up the previous dir and allows you to remove it.

No big deal to be honest, but perhaps a very simple bug to patch.

Cheers, and thanks for this wonderful software.


26.08.2008, 15:06
Which OS and DT version are you running? I can't reproduce the issue.

26.08.2008, 15:13
i've been dealing with this "bug" for ages... i just put up and shut up. asking for stuff from me around these parts is trouble...

26.08.2008, 16:49
weird, i thought it was fixed.. at least i hope the developers checked the parts i mentioned (and the fixes)... it should be an easy one to solve..

but to recap...

if its from the GetOpenFileName dialog when opening mds/mdf/whatever files then a simple flag would fix it (this could also be checked by mounting a file in another location and seeing if the previous 'busy' folder remains 'busy')...

if its from the context menu then the problem is that DragQueryFinish is not called, instead the c 'handler' code is used for it StdMethodRelease or something similar is used, which caused me problems in the past...

maybe that'll help ... but i do remember others mentioning this issue was fixed in the last dt release... (which is probably why blazi asked about the os and dt version)

27.08.2008, 11:49
Hi, Frédéric.

So, please, dwnload the latest available DT version and verify the problem. And let us know about the result. And please, pay attention that any problem which is reported has to be checked with the latest available version first.