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29.01.2004, 09:48
Operating System: win98 SE/win2000
Burning Software: alcohol120% V1.4.7. build 1005
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus 2004 professional
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I like DT and use it quite often, for mounting images i created with the original CD.
Images just install way faster and i don't have to insert a lot of cd's to play a game. i am also not interested in making 1:1 copies i like to burn the images themselves and rar it always.

But sometimes i have problems with playing a game from a virtual drive,created by the DT application, let me explain:

drive C, D are my partitions:
E is my burner
F is my cd-rom drive
H is the virtual drive(DT)
i use the latest DT V3.44

i installed, civ3 and conquest from the image i created with a different application, mounted it in H drive and installed it fast like always.
i could play the game with the original CD in the drive, but not if the image is mounted in H.
i used the search engine here on the forums if i could find something, it was pointed out it has something to do with the installation path, but how is this possible? i installed and started both images with H only.
of course activated safedisk emulation, the exe files are protected with SafediskV2.90.040.
my question is, is it safedisk2 or is it something with the installation path? my old lite on burner isn't able to make a 1:1 copy of a safedisk2 protected game...so the only legal option was with DT tools mounting the image...

my guess is i have to use the "fast dumb" feature for safedisk2 protected games to be able to have it work proberly, isn't it? i just thought this is for speeding up the image creation? now, is it true, that a safedisk2 protected images does not work with DT without "fast dumb"? it installs but you have to insert the original cd or 1:1 copy anyways? or, what i believe, my old burner just can't make a good image of safediskV2.90.040, if so, what burner is good for making an image of safedisk2-3 protected games?

if you read it that far, congratulations! :mrgreen:

30.01.2004, 10:41
Operating System: 98SE
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

1. It's 'fast dump' not 'dumb' :D
2. It DOES nothing else than speed up image creation.
3. If you also installed from H: then drive letter ain't the point anyway.
4. Did you use Alcohol for the image? If yes, it should have read
subchannels (and pregap) if you chose SafeDisc 2.X profile :?:
5. Did you try disabling all emulations in DT? If the image was made
correct, they're not needed anyway, at least not for SD...
6. A Lite-On LTR48246S does. Of course there are more, but i do not
have recent links for lists at hand... didn't need to look there
for *some* time 8)

30.01.2004, 13:53
thx, for replying.

my lite on burner can definately not make a 1:1 copy of most safedisk2 games...i have a LITE-ON LTR-12101B i read on cd-freaks, that the last digit has to be equal or >2 to make a 1:1 copy.
my question is:i am able to make a working image with my burner and alcohol120% of SD2 protetced games at all and at what speed should i read the image for good results - i always use 4xspeed for reading and burning, cause it seems to work better. i have used clonyXXl, alcoholer and alcohol120% in a combination.

4. Did you use Alcohol for the image? If yes, it should have read
subchannels (and pregap) if you chose SafeDisc 2.X profile

erm...it did not read the subchannels, i have to make a new image, i hope this works with my old burner.


03.02.2004, 11:23
i have a LITE-ON LTR-12101B
this burner is definitely waytoo old. You could try with alc's 'Enhance Weak Sectors' option, but i've found this and similar options in related programs to be a game of chance... at best :?

But well, that's about burning... just reading an image shouldn't pose any serious problems and can be done at any speed... provided your hardware can read subchannels and pregap, that is.