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30.08.2008, 19:30
I wondered what are the differences between red, black and purple SATA sockets. And i don't mean the color ;)

So far as i read these are different controllers and the red ones are master and the black ones are slave (if in bios set to IDE mode, HDDs on black socket can't boot properly). Then what is the purple one?

Or are these SATA 1-3? I also had the problem when connecting one HDD to black socket, Windows hangs and sometimes the BIOS doesn't detect the HDD there.

I would be nice if someone could explain me the complete differences.

30.08.2008, 20:17
First: What MB ? Manufacturer/Type ?
Many different colors seems to be a Gigabyte ? :D
I can't imagine there is master/slave type connector with SATA.



30.08.2008, 20:18
Mainboard doesn't matter - it is a generally question.

Anyway as you wish to have the info:

ASRock ALiveDual-eSATA2

Well on that board i only see black and red ones - but my question is generally and not specific on my mainboard.

30.08.2008, 20:24
General: U don't have any difference with the SATA ports.
Only difference could be the manufacturer of the SATA chip used on the MB. RTFM...



30.08.2008, 20:26
That is wrong or else my HDD would work the same way on black socket as on the red socket withouth changing anything in BIOS.

30.08.2008, 21:18
if using intel chipset you have red sata that is normally the standard. the red ports are for boot drives in sata/ide mode and non raid. the black ports are for data drives (non bootable) in sata/ide mode and non raid. (usually optical, but not restricted) orange is usually designed for raid setups. but sometimes some boards can mix these colors up depending on what options and chipset they have or combine with. and also how you use them from the bios, like maybe in ahci mode. jmicron/marvell/silicon image add additional sata ports. also some ports can use regular sata hdd when used with their drivers. but you must install them to work. normally intel chipset only supports 4 ports so others are added on by the above makers. in the end your manual shoud tell you what they are, specifically for your board. because there is no set standard that all mb makers obide by.

30.08.2008, 21:23
Thanks for the clarification ß :)

31.08.2008, 10:09
Any idea about the purple one then?

31.08.2008, 14:19
It literally all depends on the mobo manufacturer. For example, we sell exclusively Gigabyte boards at work. All the sockets are orange, regardless of the chipset used onboard. All the boards we use have native SATA ports. You would have to check the specs for your specific board/manufacturer to find out for sure.

02.09.2008, 14:06
my asus board with Intel Chipsets have 3 colors of SATA Sockets - red and black for standard sata ports (non-raid), where ist the socket number on the board, and one orange port with raid-functionality...
My mb boots from every port (1-4), when the boot device is correct assigned in the bios....

02.09.2008, 19:18
Thx for the info :)