View Full Version : 3.44 not showing in EZCD CD Copier

Maxtrix D
29.01.2004, 20:05
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: EZCD6
Anti-virus Software: Norton2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44 had to switch back to 3.29

I was just curious if anyone knew why 3.44 does not seem to show up as a drive when I use CD copier for EZCD6. 3.29 works fine no problems. I Nuke and paved my computer thinking it was the new bios I installed but turns out it was 3.44. Is there anyway to make 3.44 work?


29.01.2004, 20:29
That was done intentionally!
Easy Coaster Creator is such a piece of crap, we were fed up with BSODs 'n stuff caused by it, so newer Daemon Tools versions just ignore it - and all other products based on buggy Roxio engine!

Maxtrix D
29.01.2004, 22:32
Oh, ok.

Would you have any suggestions as to a better way of going about burning a bin file? Or a better progam then EZCD. I've tried Nero and had nothing but trouble.... Clone CD perhaps? And What's BSOD stand for?

30.01.2004, 01:00
BSOD = Blue Screen of Death

Maxtrix D
30.01.2004, 10:04
Hmmm, can't say I've ever had a BSOD from EZCD6 and Daemon. Works great for me. Guess I'll just stick with the 3.29 version. Thanks for the help guys.

30.01.2004, 10:49
Maybe we'll make an option to reenable virtual drives for 'happy' Roxio users.

Maxtrix D
30.01.2004, 22:25
That would be cool, But no need to go to all the work. I am completely open to suggestions to new ways and Ideas. I am not an End User completely oblivious to the world of computers. Just haven't had any problems with EZCD. Like I said before pls if you know an more efficient, productive way to do It, tell me about it. I love a good challenge, anything that works my brain, works for me. Don't need to be talked down because I use EZCD, I'm just ignorant in this field as I have just begun to explore it. Would appreciate some constructive feed back.

Thanks. )