View Full Version : Full Usage of Daemon Tools require DVD drive?

02.09.2008, 15:35
Hello all, first time poster here...I was wondering if you would need the installation of a dvd drive in your computer to use the dvd capabilities of daemon tools? I am trying to install Crysis via a backup image onto a newly built computer. The computer has everything necessary but a DVD drive. I used a CD drive to install XP onto it. I am sure the Crysis image is not corrupt as it installs fine onto two other computers that have dvd drives on them. As for the new one as soon as I attempt to install Crysis I get 2 dos popups right before when the CD key input should pop up with the message saying that the "wizard was interrupted" and to run setup again if I wanted to continue. I fully updated the computer also to see if it needed anything that Microsoft released in one of its update. It ended up with the same result. This not only happened in XP but also in Vista on the same computer. I thought initially it was a Vista problem, but with XP it is the same thing. Now I am beginning to think that Daemon tools require the installation of a dvd drive to fully utilize its virtual drive functions. Is this possible?

03.09.2008, 00:12
soo i just installed a dvd drive into it..this is not the case...