View Full Version : Daemon Tool Pro Advanced WinXP SP3

02.09.2008, 21:16
No matter what I do, this program returns a "Failed" message. I have tried Regions 1, 2 and 0 DVds, but zilch. Am i doing something wrong?
I run Kaspersky Internet Security 2007, Windows Defender, SpyBot and Lava soft AdAware. I use DVD+CSS Region Free for copyright protection.

Any ideas, anyone?

02.09.2008, 21:18
Slow slow Cerduko.

When do you get that Failed message (image creation etc.)?
Which disks you want to image?
DVD+CSS Region Free is outdated for movie protections. Use AnyDVD instead.

03.09.2008, 23:18
Immediately after trying to copy the disc. Very frustrating. Nothing seems to work. I just need some steer on this.


03.09.2008, 23:24
You meant with copy the disc image process?
Which discs have you tried?
Have you tried your movie dvds with AnyDVD now?

04.09.2008, 20:37
After downloading and installing SlySoft Any DVD, it works fine. Thanks for the help.