View Full Version : Can't create images - msvcr80.dll error!

09.09.2008, 13:38
I use new trial ver. DT Pro Basic. Problem is after I go "make image", next click start button to do image - DT hang up and show me msvcr80.dll error....always.

I tried reinstall Win but still don't work.

THX for help.

09.09.2008, 13:46
Could you post a screenshot of that error?
Also which Windows version are you running?
Which language of DT Pro are you running? Maybe Polish? If yes, please try English. If English is working for you, language file has an error (Polish is already fixed in next version).

09.09.2008, 14:13
yes, you have right - polish lang need fix. english working 100%.

Thanks, everything it's ok.

09.09.2008, 15:10
It is already fixed, i will contact Polish translator, so he would attach the fixed PLK.dll here, so you can work with your native language.

09.09.2008, 20:11

Here's fixed Polish translation file. Just copy it to right place (default: C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro\Lang\) and it will work correctly.

Sorry for inconvenience.