View Full Version : Daemon Tools Virtual Drive Buffer Size???

10.09.2008, 09:02
Is it possible to change the buffer size on the virtual drive created by daemon tools? If so could someone please provide me with some guidance.:confused:

10.09.2008, 09:06
What are you trying to achieve with changing Buffer Size?
Also it isn't possible for the user.

10.09.2008, 09:31
I am ripping some home mage dvd iso's to avi, and the bigger the buffer, the faster I can convert.

18.10.2008, 14:54
I'd love to be able to increase the buffer size (assuming this is a read-ahead buffer). I'm playing back blu-ray content from an .iso on a file server. Delays caused by network or otherwise cause playback to freeze or simply stop (in some cases, daemon tools drops the mount).