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10.09.2008, 17:22
Sorry if this is a silly question but I couldn't find info through a search. I also posted this issue in a thread dedicated to my motherboard but sofar there have not been a solution.

Just finished building my P5Q-EM system with Q9650 and the dual-format LG drive (GGW20HL). My O.S. is Vista ultimate 32 bits, which was freshly installed. I previously had a g35 system with the same drive, but that system was custom built with Vista Home Premium (PCAlchemy). My problem is that I don't seem to be able to get either PowerDVD 7, PowerDVD 8 or TMT to play BD or HDDVD images. When inserting a physical BD disk, it plays fine. The images do mount (Daemon Tools) but cannot be played. I have tried both the lite version as well as the pr standard version. I am able to use TMT and point to a stream on the mounted image and this does play. I'd like to have TMT or PowerDVD play the mounted image as though it was a physical BD disk so that I can use the extra features (such as subtitles). Again, I had no problems with my g35 system

Any suggestion for a solution would really be appreciated.

10.09.2008, 17:28
It is a known bug and should be fixed in next DT version.

You could revert back to DT Lite 4.12.4 until new DT version is out.

10.09.2008, 17:59
Thanks, will try this!