View Full Version : CD-ROM Drive Icon and Volume Never Updating (WinXP)

14.12.2002, 15:35
Current OS, WIN XP SP1

I have a TDK CDRW.

Right after i installed daemon tools, my cdrom icon and volume stopped updating. I can take the cd out, put in another cd, eject the cd, whatever, the icon and volume stays the same. The only way to get rid of it is to reboot. But after i reboot, whatever cd is in the drive , the icon /volume of it stays there perm until i reboot again. If i reboot without a cd in the drive, then the default icon/volume stays there perm.

Ive tried refresh, that doesnt work. Ive removed the device and readded it...nothing seems to fix it. I can still access the data's of the cd just fine, but this is a bit annoying and im trying to figure it out.

I remember when i installed it, it asked me about some registry key, for auto insert or something, maybe that will fix it, but i dont remember what it was.

Can someone please tell me what registry keys to delete that daemon tools creates, and what to revert back that it modifies.

Note: even with daemon tools uninstalled, it still does it.

Ferras Elshair

14.12.2002, 16:24
Nevermind, I fixed it, it was actually a problem with fireburner and autoplay. Im sorry for assuming it was daemon tools,i had just formated and installed many programs.


14.12.2002, 22:07
Yes, XP behaves ugly if Autoplay is disabled, unlike 2000 and before - even refresh does not help in Explorer.

15.12.2002, 10:26
Yeah, I had the same problem, but after I've enabled the autoplay again everythin worked fine :oops: