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11.09.2008, 11:01
Current Operating System: win XP SP3
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky
DAEMON Tools Version: DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.1

This DT version works fine but I can't upgrade to Vista :confused:

After uninstall Deamon tools lite, Windows Vista installer still complains : DT is present. After some research, there is an old folder (Program files\D-Tools) with some files .dll (old 3.47: bw5mount.dll,ccdmount.dll , ...).

These dll are locked by process explorer.exe
After some tries, these dll are deleted and unregistred, the register is clean and the device management too (SCSI and PNP bios extension) , all drivers d34???.sys , dt???.sys deleted.

When i reboot, explorer.exe hangs if i browse any folder if the folder D-Tools does'nt exist with these dll:mad:
When the folder D-Tools go back, everething is Ok but i can't migrate to Vista...

Thanks for any good suggestion

11.09.2008, 12:26
Uninstall DT Lite through uninstall program in Start -> Programs -> DAEMON Tools Lite -> Uninstall.

For 3.47:

Download 3.47 msi (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.php?mode=ViewCategory&catid=5) and run it.

11.09.2008, 15:00
Thanks for your help.

I had already tried before your suggestion :
- Daemon tools lite is uninstalled, reboot, STPD 1.56 uninstall, reboot
- 3.47 is installed (reboot) and then uninstalled. The folder DT-Tools is still there or explorer.exe hangs when the folder is not there...:confused:

I had tried too install Daemon tools lite into the same folder D-Tools without success.

I noticed that atapi.sys is old (2004, vs XP SP3). I have now a new one without success.

The register has been cleaned with ccleaner and "eusing registry cleaner". I delete also manually the keys with 'D-Tools' reference. I had too start on safe mode.

I could' nt find where ccmount.dll (and the others) are referenced after this registry cleaning.
Processexplorer (Sysinternal) show that these modules are loaded :confused:

Any another Suggestion :) ?

11.09.2008, 15:08
Do you see daemon.exe or something similiar running in Task Manager? Also uninstalled Alcohol in case you installed?
Kaspersky and other security softwares are suggested to uninstall before doing Windows Upgrade. It is possible Kaspersky interferred in uninstall of DT 3.47 and DT Lite.

A clean install instead of an upgrade is suggested. Sometimes upgrade is messing things up.