View Full Version : If system shut off by reset switch, it-mount image usually disappeared?

12.09.2008, 14:38
I was trying to play some game and put the image in the drive of daemon.
then my system got freezed like shut down.
I was able to be moving mouse pointer, but I couldn't do anything because of quite black screen.

So I had to push the reset switch.
When system worked again.
I was aware that mount image disapeared.

I want to know it usually happen to Daemon.
I guess freezing might be by daemon. :)

Thanks in advance.
P.S. English is my foreign language and I can't write it very well... - and speak too.
please tell me easily!

12.09.2008, 14:42
What kind of images (iso, mdf/mds, blindwrite ...)?
What Operating System are you running?
Which DAEMON Tools version are you running?

13.09.2008, 04:17
1. bin
2. Windows XP
3. Life 4.30.1
Hi, Blazkowicz. Thanks for reply.