View Full Version : Install and Uninstall problem

31.01.2004, 18:42
Operating System: Windows 2k
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: nortons
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I use to use DT and then after awhile i uninstalled it because i didnt use it as much anymore but now i've found i want it again....i went thru the unistall process thru add/remove and it said it got rid of it cept for the F drive that it created...now i want to reinstall it and i keep getting this error some driver has invalid name or conflict with other files or services in the system. Please choose other driver names or make sure you have rebooted when removing software of the same name. So can anyone help me?

31.01.2004, 18:52
Check this thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=2287) - after complete removal of all Daemon Tools related stuff, reboot, and install Daemon Tools again.

25.05.2004, 19:06
Operating System: WinXP Pro
Burning Software: RecordNow! Deluxe
Anti-virus Software: F-Secure
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44 & 3.46

having the same problem like Dirt23, the link doesn't work...how do you deinstall all dt-related stuff, even it has been deinstalled, but still having trouble....in my case I installed v3.46 over v3.44 what made me trouble, because all devices of v3.44 are still shown plus the devices for 3.46!

25.05.2004, 19:10
Re-check the link ;) just fixed it ...
please un-install v3.46, remove leftovers from v3.44 (see mentioned thread), then re-install v3.46.

25.05.2004, 21:47
I'll try, thank you!!!