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13.09.2008, 14:29
.... Question, is it possible to download the games listed in the Game Database or is there just for viewing? :confused:
I only get some names with a link on it, but it is to a friggin dictionary site? o_O

If there's a way to download, please tell me :D

13.09.2008, 15:22
What about viewing all the files and save them as HTML files?

13.09.2008, 16:58
erm i think he means downloading the games, like he thought the link would be a link to the actual games and content for download.. like some torrent site etc...

08.10.2008, 18:06
im guessing he did to and i would like to know the same question.

How do you actually download the games from the game database.

08.10.2008, 18:23
You don't. It is illegal to download the games without paying for a license.

09.10.2008, 14:49
The only pupose of the Game Database is to inform about the copyprtection used on the specific game.
Nothing less and nothing more...

11.10.2008, 06:02
All idiots who ask about such shit again I ban immediately
without prior warning from now on