View Full Version : HELP ME!!! My girlfriend's PC don't boot

13.09.2008, 22:03
I was installing Daemon Tools v3.47 on my girlfriend's computer.

The PC has automatically shut down, and now we can't boot the Operating System (WINDOWS f***ing VISTA!), even in the "save mode"...

I have read somewhere that this version of DAEMON Tools is not compatible with VISTA..... But I didn't know that....

Please, I really need help to solve this problem! What can I do? Remove the virtual drive (if it has been created)? How do I do that....

Hepl me, please.

Thank you.

13.09.2008, 23:58
This version of DTools isn't compatible with Vista. Nowhere is it listed that this version of DTools is compatible with Vista. As such, I'm not sure why you blame Vista.

I don't have any easy answers for fixing this problem, but I believe the files you need to remove are d347scsi.sys and d347bus.sys.

14.09.2008, 00:11

So, can you tell me how do I remove that files? I am really dumb in this... Sorry. :confused:

(But I need help!)

14.09.2008, 09:20
start in save mod and search for it. afaik ypu can find those files in the system32 folder.

@Jito463this files are driver right?

if this driver files then can find it in sys32 oder sys32/driver