View Full Version : WTF i unticked all the boxes and still got adware

14.09.2008, 16:24
what the hell is this

i just reformatted my hard drive and daemon tools is the only non windows app i installed so far, why the hell is there spyware in it, especially after i took great care to uncheck all the boxes.

i'm really annoyed i just reformatted because of a malware attack i thought you guys were reputable.

anymore surprises we should know about?

seriously tell us because i now have to reformat again just to make sure.

14.09.2008, 17:26
The first one is a false positive and the last three files are from Windows.

You should tell that the Antivirus/SpyWare program support and tell them to fix their detection.

14.09.2008, 17:47
the last three didn't show up until i installed daemon tools i know because the first thing i did after i clean installed was do a virus scan.

seems more likely that you're lying to people.

14.09.2008, 17:49
We are not lying. We don't change ANY files.

I'm talking about official download from official sources like disc-soft.com or disc-tools.com.

Also you haven't said ANYTHING about your setup (also hash).
Also you should tell us which Antivirus/Spyware program you are using.

Also adware got removed in latest Setup of DT Lite.