View Full Version : Right click menu does not close automatically

18.09.2008, 22:04
Dear DaemonTools developer.
If you press down the right mouse button on the Daemontools' tray icon, move the cursor and let go of it somewhere else, the daemontools' menu opens at the cursor's location along with the context menu there, and doesn't close even if you click on another window.
There is a way to close the menu even then by clicking a menu that opens a submenu, or if you want, give the menu focus, and then click on another window. That will close it.
By the way, great program.

A further research shows that this is, apparently, not your problem.
This is the default behaviour of the WM_RBUTTONUP message.
It causes the same bug in one of my programs.
I would be happy to hear if you find a solution.

18.09.2008, 22:25
It is by design as far as i know.