View Full Version : command window on startup?

20.09.2008, 03:55
A command window appears on startup.
The titlebar has in it 'windows\system32\cmd'
The first and only line that appears is:

lade "index.html"

anyway,i disabled startup apps in msconfig and i found out that daemon tools was the culprit. interestingly, i had this version 4.03 installed since forever but it only started acting weird after i mounted a recently acquired image of the linux live cd - operator. i checked the md5 hash of the image and it's ok so i dunno what daemon is up to.

manually starting damon tools by doublclicking the app, reproduces the behavior- a command dos window with that one line. closing that window is easy of course-just click on the close box. however, quitting daemon tools and restarting it (without a reboot) does not reproduce the behavior.
Does this mean my daemon tools has the beanladen worm in it? someone suggested that 'lade' in german means load. is it an attempt by dt to load a web page?

20.09.2008, 18:54
Never heard of such behaviour.

Just install latest DT Lite.

Yes, lade means "load".