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20.09.2008, 15:43
Hi everyone,

first of all, sorry for my probably bad English. It's not my main language.

I have a rather strange problem at hand. After reinstalling Windows from scratch and reinstalling all my programs, I got a bluescreen while booting and the system stopped.

As usual, SPTD.SYS was thought to be the culprid. And right I was, to a certain degree, as the system booted again after deactivating the driver.

After deinstalling Daemon Tools and SPTD, the system booted just fine. Then I followed a tip from this forum and installed SPTD alone. Restarted, and Windows booted up nicely. But, after installing Daemon Tools 4.301 the BSOD-on-boot came back.

Long story short: I found out it's a conflict with O&O Diskimage's drivers.

The following combinations work:
SPTD + Diskimage (no Daemon Tools)
SPTD + Daemon Tools (no Diskimage)

As soon as all three are installed, the BSODs come back. I have tried several versions of Daemon Tools and Diskimage, but it didn't help.

Something to note:
It is actually possible to install all three. If you uncheck "start daemon tools" just after the installation, so the program never starts, it's fine. I can boot as many times as I want without problems. But as soon as I start Daemon Tools for the first time and it sets up the virtual drive, the system will crash during the next boot.

The problem puzzles me as I have run the exact same versions of the programs with my last installation. The only difference is, that this time, I installed Diskimage BEFORE installing Daemon Tools.

Do you have any suggestions? All help is welcome!

20.09.2008, 16:28
Do you have any minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) you could send to support@daemon-tools.cc for analysis?

20.09.2008, 18:36
I'm afraid not. I did figure out, though, that the virtual drive from Diskimage (used to mount backup-images) and the virtual drive from Daemon Tools seem to collide.

My last guess was to remove all drives via Daemon Tools before installing Diskimage. That didn't work, though.

After 8 hours of trying everything, I did get pretty close to the problem, I think. But I couldn't solve it.

At that point, I decided to give up and reinstall again.
This time, I installed Daemon Tools before Diskimage and everything works as it should.

It's pretty hard to point fingers here, as it could be anyone's fault. My guess would be a combined fault from Duplex and O&O as they are both very... "protective" about their drivers.

I hope I could at least help other people with the same problem. Maybe the developers can figure out what went wrong, though I kinda doubt it's Daemon Tools fault.