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02.02.2004, 09:27
Operating System: windows 98
Burning Software: nero express
Anti-virus Software: norton anti virus v5.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.34

i recently copied my game so the original wouldnt get wrecked. my friend told me to use daemon tools to make it work, but when i put the cd in, it asks me 2 verify the play disc is in ur cdrom drive and click retry. when i do this the window just keeps popping up.
i have activated all the emulations, but the cd still wont work
can anybody help me??

02.02.2004, 11:27
Operating System: 98SE
Burning Software: lots
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

ermmm... you think it could be helpful mentioning just what game you are talking about? :?

03.02.2004, 07:32
its diablo 2, would it really make a difference which game it was, i thought they were all pretty similar?

03.02.2004, 09:46
It is important to know which game, 'cause there are very different protections.
D2 is protected by SecuROM, so image with sub-channel data should work fine, but due to bug (?) in D2.exe it'll work from lowest drive letter only, so try to start via game.exe!

03.02.2004, 11:06
ups, sorry! brain twist :oops: