View Full Version : DaemonLite troubles

21.09.2008, 23:11
Hi, I recently got a new computer and re-installed daemon tools lite (I used the latest version from the website). But it won't start up. It is installed. I get the error message: Please use local administrator account to run DAEMON tools for the first time.

I have Vista home version. I only have one account and I checked it has administrator access. It's all fine. I have re-booted the computer twice. Once during installation (as requested) and once after. But the same error message keeps popping up.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

22.09.2008, 00:02
Right click on shortcut -> Run as Administrator

22.09.2008, 08:02
Genius. Thanks. I had a feeling it would be something nice and simple.

Thanks for your patience x