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22.09.2008, 14:52
Hi there, i'd just like to know if say you've got a .ISO file for example and i want to mount it in daemon tools, is there a way i can just double click the file and have it automatically mount it in daemon tools or will it not allow that because all i get at the moment is 'Error in command line' error.

22.09.2008, 14:56
Which DT version are you running?
Is the ISO stored on a network drive?
Any special characters in ISO file name?

22.09.2008, 15:11
Running version 4.00HE SPTD 1.50

and no it's not on a network drive or contains special characters.

(thanks for the quick reply btw)

22.09.2008, 15:53
Update to 4.12.4 (google for this version and filehippo). Latest version has currently a few problems with ISO. But you can also try 4.30.1, maybe you won't have those problems.

22.09.2008, 20:10
ok so i tried installing the 4.30.1 version but now it won't even open up daemon tools in that version, it's saying it's running in task manager (daemon.exe) but it's nowhere to be seen in the taskbar or nothing so i'm gonna try that 4.12.4 version out now.

22.09.2008, 20:14
OK so even that version isn't working now! what's going on :confused:

22.09.2008, 21:24
Are you using Windows Vista?

22.09.2008, 21:37
No but i have got the Vista UI theme if that makes a difference...

22.09.2008, 21:39
Please try the solutions in the following link:
Systray icons missing | Windows Problem Solver (http://winhlp.com/node/16)

23.09.2008, 17:36
Well i turned my computer on just now and out of the blue the icon appeared but now after closing daemon tools when i try to restart it again the icon never shows. I've disabled autostart, maybe that's the problem, gonna reboot now and then see if it's working after that.

27.09.2008, 21:42
it didn't fix it but since i've now downgraded back to the version i was using it's all working fine now, apart from obviously i still can't auto open .iso's etc but that's not massive.

Seems it may be a bug in the latest version i think.