View Full Version : If you wish to support DT and make a donation :)

22.09.2008, 22:37
If you wish to support DT and make a donation :)

then please use link as follows (actually it is a link from DAEMON Tools Online Help (http://www.daemon-help.com/) website)

DT Donation link (https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=paypal@disc-soft.com&no_shipping=1&item_name=DT+Donation)

15.01.2009, 19:37
I am willing to add a few licenses. Is that a possibility? I own 3 or 4 now. I think the tool is pretty good.

15.01.2009, 19:40
Yes, just press on Modify button in your Disc-Soft.com account.

03.02.2009, 02:48
I would be more than willing to donate if you had a version that worked with Windows 7.

03.02.2009, 15:28
It is in work.

08.09.2009, 07:35
I recently upgraded to DT pro to support DT, despite my trepidations about a time limited license ( and contingued to buy a 5 year license), and was quite disappointed to find that you can not use virtual ide drives.

08.09.2009, 09:38
What DT Pro version are you talking about? IDE virtual devices are supported only in DT Pro Advanced.

09.09.2009, 07:15
DT pro standard.

09.09.2009, 10:02
If you want to buy DT Pro Advanced instead of DT Pro Standart, please contact our financial department using http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/fin form.