View Full Version : mounted an ISO of a game, autorun starts but still get the "no cd inserted" error...

23.09.2008, 17:54
so I made an ISO with imgburn of a cd of my game, because I want to be able to play it without constantly inserting and taking it out when I want to play a different game.

when I mount it in DT it gives me the autorun, I press play, and I get the error that the CD isn't inserted, because it isn't.

the game is battle for middle earth 2 btw.

Can I ever play it without the CD?

23.09.2008, 17:58
Recreate your image with DAEMON Tools Pro and select SafeDisc profile.

28.09.2008, 13:29
What if you don't have Daemon Tools Pro? I use astroburn lite to create my images.

28.09.2008, 14:21
There is no Astroburn Lite - just Astroburn.

Images created with Astroburn don't include the necessary data for copy protection.

When you don't have DT Pro, you can download a trial version of Disc-soft.com.