View Full Version : why is DTProShellHlp.exe running by itself?

24.09.2008, 12:06
Hi there!
I don't know if this is a bug or something or nothing at all - I'm puzzled anyway (?).
Thing is that I got an occasional problem with another program (DVBViewer) in hibernating my PC. So, I opened task manager to see if there is 'somebody doing something it should not'...

Then I noticed that DTProShellHlp.exe was running by itself - DTPro-main prog. was not running at the moment (and was not supposed to be because I was not using it then).
Now I'm wondering why DTProShellHlp.exe is running, and what it is doing - or supposed to be doing??? I did kill it's process, but it started again and again (like a boomerang...) until I managed to 'hide' that file. (I made a quick 'work-around'-solution, renamed DTProShellHlp.exe to dummy, but in order to use DTPro again, I naturally have to rename it back to original...)

I'm not sure if these two apps. are interfering each other or not; my main concern is that I just found DTProShellHlp.exe there 'working' something, and I don't know what... very odd and a little bit suspicious.

I'm using xp and latest DTPro adv.

24.09.2008, 12:09
Long form of DTProShellHlp is DAEMON Tools Pro Shell Helper.
That task is responsible for Shell Extensions.

24.09.2008, 12:44
Ookey... so if I disable all DTPro Shell Extensions, DTProShellHlp.exe 'stays away' (?)
It is a little peculiar (imho) that it works alone, when DTPro itself is not running at all. Of course, it is 'watching' if I doubleclick eg. ISO-file and starts DTPro and so on, but still...

Anyway, I'll try that (disabling). Thanx again Blaz, you 'rescue' always... :D