View Full Version : Lost Dvd drive

26.09.2008, 18:35
hi, my son has a problem with his pc.
The dvd-rw has vanished from windows.
This problem started after Daemon tools was installed. He took the machine back to where he bought it and they removed daemon tools and reinstalled some drivers for the drive, it worked again, and they said he could reinstall daemon again.
He reinstalled daemon, and of course the drive promptly vanished again. It still shows in bios.

He is running windows xp home, the drive is a sata dvd-rw drive.

27.09.2008, 03:41
Check out http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/f26/my-real-cdrom-dvdrom-drives-missing-440/

27.09.2008, 14:24
ok, he has cdrom.sys and redbook.sys located in system32\drivers, but filters are not showing in regedit.

How do I fix this?

30.09.2008, 17:19
anyone please?