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27.09.2008, 16:36
Not sure if this is for the Bug forum or just the support forum, so forgive me if I chose the wrong one.

After installing Windows Vista SP1 on my machine, I download daemon4301-lite from your site and installed it.

It ran perfectly until I rebooted my machine after finishing the installation of DT.

After that the following error comes whenever I start Windows.

Initialization Error 2
This program requires at least windows 2000 with SPTD 1.53 or higher.
Kernel debugger must be deactivated.

I set DT to run with administrator rights and I tried reinstalling it a few times, along with SPTD 1.56 in a standalone package. Everytime I do that, it runs perfectly until I reboot the machine. Then the error listed above surfaces again.

Anyone have any ideas?

27.09.2008, 19:13
Have you installed any Kernel Debugger like Softice?

30.09.2008, 15:04
Have you installed any Kernel Debugger like Softice?

No, I haven't installed any debugger software at all.

Running a newly bought, installed and updated Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I managed to reinstall the software by disabling my Spyware Doctor.

Vista is blocking Daemon when windows is started, so I have to manually launch it everytime. That I can live with though.

As long as it works :)

05.11.2008, 22:58
Same problem on the Windows 7 Build 6801 (PDC2008 Build) - does it come with some sort of a kernel debugger, because it is a pre-beta build?