View Full Version : installation works but i cant run

28.09.2008, 13:38
please help!

i have warcraft 3 as an iso file on my desktop. Which I mounted in dt. the install window pops up, and it installed fine. But then i go to play and it says the cd needs to be inserted and to retry after it is. any suggestions. I assume it is mounting properly since the install window came up automatically, but why cant i play it? Im running windows xp on my black macbook, through parallels. I dont know if that matters. thanks for any help!

28.09.2008, 13:42
Recreate your image with DAEMON Tools Pro and New SecuROM profile.

28.09.2008, 18:48
wow i didnt think you would respond that fast, good to know. Anyways, I do not have dt pro, I used toast titanium in mac 0SX to make the image. any suggestions? hsould i jsut remake the image and try again. im just avoiding it unless i have to because it took a while.


28.09.2008, 18:59
You have to.

ISO images don't contain copy protection related data.

28.09.2008, 19:45
so does that mean i should jsut redo it? or would i have to buy pro tools?

28.09.2008, 20:24
There is a trial version of DT Pro.

You have to recreate your image.