View Full Version : Daemon tools and the E160 mobile modem

29.09.2008, 05:54
Software that is incompatible with the Huawei E160 (http://ask3.three.co.uk/SRVS/Data/Hutch/KnowledgeBases/Ask3/document/web/mobilebroadband/e160/e160_incompatible_software.htm)

Found this while searching for info on my modem and wondering why Daemon tools might be on this list.

I do no have any more info other than I have daemon tools installed and there does not seem to be a problem.

Note that Alcohol is also on the list so must be something 'virtual drive' related.

29.09.2008, 13:14
Considering the software on that list, they should rather fix their driver(s) so their external modem works, like others do, even if any of the mentioned software is installed.

29.09.2008, 15:57
have to agree there, that list has some pretty popular software on it, so the problem would be at their end (crappy drivers as mentioned)... they should be pretty damned embarassed and fix things instead of making such a list...

03.11.2008, 01:19
I have noticed that when I had Alcohol tools installed and there does not seem to be a problem with the modem but when I tried to make an image I got a message that said the drive could not be locked and it should be reported the the development team. Remove the modem and no error.

Also the modem is seen as 2 drives in 'My Computer' one is the Micro SD slot (I have a 2GB card in there) the other is the 'rom' in the device holding the built in software, that one gets recognised as a 'CD Drive'. I have been using a piece of software not on the above list (DVDFab HD Decrypter) and when that was runing with a DVD (shop bought movie) in the real drive and I plugged in the modem the rom/CD Drive was found (appeared on My Computer) but the onboard software was not found and double clicking it said I should insert a disk.

As far as I can tell there are is two situations :-

1) No matter how unusual it is to get a ROM to be recognised as a CD Drive if it is done within the standards / specifications of plug'n'play USB hardware there is nothing 'wrong' with it and it is you (the third party software writers fault) for not anticipating that someone might do that.


2) It is not within the standards / specifications of plug'n'play USB hardware in which case it is the modem manufacturers problem.

03.11.2008, 07:02
forgot to add - I dont think it is anything to do with the drivers for the modem as it shows up as a CD Drive the very first time you plug it in before any drivers / software gets installed. So if it were a driver problem it would be the basic CD Drive drivers that come with windows that are causing the problem and then I would guess there would be a lot more people getting problems.

I guess what they have done is programmed the ROM so even though it is read only removable media when the USB system queries what it is when it is plugged in it tells it that is is a CD Drive - I suppose they have did this because a CD Drive will autorun in Windows 98, removable media will not.