View Full Version : Installed but not working?

30.09.2008, 07:02
I installed The sims 2 just fine but after i press the play button it pops up with an error message saying

"Wrong disc inserted

Please insert the original "the sims 2 double deluxe" CD/DVD"

I have the thing mounted. So any help would be greatly appreciated.



30.09.2008, 07:04
how did you created the image? Which application was used
to create the image, which settings and which drive?

Which OS and which DAEMON Tools version are installed?

30.09.2008, 07:11
I created the image from the iso. which I used to install. DAEMON tools lite (4.30.1). I have all the emulations settings on. Its set to the G: drive

I'm using Windows XP.