View Full Version : error in command line???

02.10.2008, 21:32
everything says daemon tools lite installed correctly except when i try to open a CEU file it says error in command line. I have never gotten it to open at all even though the installation seemed to go fine. why is this?

02.10.2008, 21:59
When mounting cue file through tray icon - does it work?

Could you post the command line in case you are really using command line?

02.10.2008, 22:24
i dont know anything about command lines or anything. im very confused.

03.10.2008, 10:56
And how do you want to open the image (explain step-by-step please)?

26.02.2009, 21:55
im having the same problem!!!
when i try to mount an iso file it says "error in command line":confused: how do you fix this!!!

26.02.2009, 21:56
And how do you mount the iso through command line (which exact parameters etc.)?
Also your DT and OS versions are?

26.02.2009, 21:58
uhh sorry i dont know anything about command lines ...im new at this.
i have the black XP

26.02.2009, 22:05
And which Serivce Pack is installed?
And still, what is your DT version?
How are you trying to mount the iso image then if not through command line?

26.02.2009, 22:08
i have the lite one.
and what is a DT?
and still i do not know nuthing about command lines. i just right click the iso file and click open with..daemon tools.
then it says "errror in command line"

26.02.2009, 22:11
DT is short for DAEMON Tools.

Also you are using wrong method to mount and therefore you get that error.

Open up DT tray icon -> Preferences -> Integration -> Click on "Select All" and then Apply.

Now just double click on the iso file ;)

EDIT: I suggest you to read Online help (www.daemon-help.com).

26.02.2009, 22:13
oh my god...i thank you Blazkowicz thank you very much..!!

13.10.2009, 17:59
i just right click the iso file and click open with..daemon tools.
I do that too, and previously used to do it with just doubleclicking (it was set as default program then).. On some computers it works but here not. I'm using windows XP home SP3, and DT lite.
In the registry I found the directory:
'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications\d aemon.exe\shell\open\command'
with only one key in there:
"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\daemon.exe" "%1" (this is the unmodified one, created by DT itself or the installation)

I looked up the syntax of the command line here (http://www.daemon-help.com/windows_integration_lite/command_line_parameters.html) (-mount devicenr,path) and tried this:
"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite\daemon.exe" "-mount 0," "%1"
and this "...\daemon.exe" "mount 0," "%1"
and this "...\daemon.exe" "-mount 0,%1"
and this "...\daemon.exe -mount 0,%1"

None of it works and I keep getting the error 'Fout in command line' (which means 'Error in command line' in Dutch). Does anyone know the right syntax?

Thanks in advance, it would make mounting ISO's a lot faster :)

21.12.2009, 13:35
I've done a fresh install of DTLite4355-0068 on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and I've Created the following command line 'daemon.exe -mount M,"Z:\Images\<ImageName.iso".

When I run this in a DOS Window. DOS replies that "Daemon.exe is not an internal or external command".

When I search my computer I can not find Daemon.exe"

Any thoughts? Also the Windows Gadget works "Great!"

21.12.2009, 13:56
Change daemon.exe to dtlite exe.