View Full Version : DTPro and Command Line

02.10.2008, 22:35
I installed the latest version of DTPro and have had no problems mounting and running files. I wrote a .bat file to automate the process, but the commands don't seem to be working. I pulled up the command line and went through it step by step and the commands don't seem to be working for dtpro. I have the "Allow Command Line" box checked. For example, I mount an image, then do
DTPro.exe -unmount 0
in the command window. DTPro is called up, but it doesn't unmount the image. I run into the same thing with the -mount command. I'm using the commands found in the "DAEMON Tools Help" area -- are there new commands for DTPro that I should be using?

02.10.2008, 23:01
Youh ave to use DTProAgent.exe instead of DTPro.exe.


02.10.2008, 23:50
Thanks ... that works perfect