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03.10.2008, 06:45
I'm getting a blue screen of death at the very end of an image create with DT Pro 4.30.0302 with a message of Machine_check_exception. It always happens at the very end of the process. My DVD drive is an ASUS DRW-2014L1T.

The source cd is securom version 5 etc. I have tried on other DVD/CD's as well.



03.10.2008, 16:28
You already made a memory test using memtest over some hours?

Stop error message in Windows XP that you may receive: "0x0000009C (0x00000004, 0x00000000, 0xb2000000, 0x00020151)" (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/329284/en)

04.10.2008, 20:50
I've done a full memory test. All passed. I'm running XP Pro SP3 with 2GB of memory.

I never have any other problems except when trying to create an image from certain newer securom CDs. Unprotected CDs I'm able to image fine.


04.10.2008, 20:55
And how long did you run that memory test?

04.10.2008, 21:11
I used the most recent bootable cd (memtest86+ v2.0) and let it run for about 12 hours.

04.10.2008, 21:19
OK. Do you have any minidump (windows\minidump)?

04.10.2008, 21:27
I do. How do I get it to you?

04.10.2008, 21:35
You use attachment system and if it isn't working, upload it to e. g. megaupload and post the link here.

04.10.2008, 21:39
OK. Attached in a zip file.

04.10.2008, 22:01
This is a hardware error. This error was reported by the CPU via Interrupt 18.
_VAL_UC_EN_PCC_BUSCONNERR_30F which means time out of Bus and Interconnect Error.

Could be an faulty mainboard, maybe also graphic card or maybe caused when power supply doesn't deliver the correct voltage.

Have you tried to install the latest drivers and windows updates?

EDIT: Do you have a VIA chipset on your mainboard? If yes, please update your BIOS and try again.

04.10.2008, 22:46
Hmm...IRQ 18 has my video card. I'll check that out. I don't have a VIA chipset, but I will still make sure I have the latest bios.

I'll do some driver checking and testing and post back with my results.

Thank you for your help.


05.10.2008, 01:01
OK. I've updated all of my video and chipset drivers.

The good news is that I don't get a BSOD while trying to make an image now. BTW, thank you very much for helping me to trouble shoot this. On side note, what tool do you use for the minidmp file?

However, now I get a vague "Disk imaging failed!". Again it is at the same point of the process as before (the very end). A .MDF file gets created but the .MDS doesn't.

Is there anyway to perhaps get some more verbose message? Or maybe some log file?

Thanks again!

05.10.2008, 01:06
I used "Debugging Tools for Windows" by Microsoft.

OK, please try to check Ignore read error and Subchannel reading. It isn't possible to get verbose messages :(

05.10.2008, 01:35
OK. I checked "Ignore bad blocks" and picked "Ignore error and add sector to bad block map" and left subchannels to "none".

I got the BSOD this time same as before. Should I be doing something with the Subchannel?

05.10.2008, 01:39
You can set Subchannel. You get BSOD without these options or with?

You checked if computer's temperature is ok?

05.10.2008, 01:59
If I have the check box "Ignore bad blocks" checked it get the BSOD.

If it's not checked just the error message.

What does the subchannel do?



05.10.2008, 13:16
Do you have the chance to cross-check with another drive to see whether your
drive is the culprit - respectively your drive in combination with DT Pro.
AFAIR there were problems with recent ASUS drives before.

Maybe also of help to pinpoint the problem:
Try whether it behaves the same when creating image with Alcohol 52%.

06.10.2008, 04:01
I've done some more testing and here is what happens:

No subChannel settings (ie none) and "ignore bad blocks" unchecked => Disk imaging failed error

Any subChannel setting or "ignore bad blocks" checked => BSOD

I'm not overheating, cpu and gpu temperatures are all good.

Unfortunately I don't have another option for my DVD/CD drive. My system is one I built a couple of years ago. Looks like I have another reason to lobby for a new system.

IMHH, I think there is some issue that is hardware related. I simply can't afford to get another drive to test with right now.

I can't get my system to blue screen in any other scenario.

Thanks again for all of your help.