View Full Version : Daemon tools stopped my AutoRUN - How to Re-enable ?

03.10.2008, 10:47
4.30.1 - this is the version
please help me on how to enable back the autorun, I tried a lot of programs such as tweakUI and there are checks (meaning autorun is on) but actually when I insert disk or usb removable storage it doesn't pop up...

03.10.2008, 16:30
You enabled everything in AutoPlay menu of Tweak UI (e.g. in Drives and Types menu)?

03.10.2008, 23:00
You can also try Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=C680A7B6-E8FA-45C4-A171-1B389CFACDAD&displaylang=en).