View Full Version : WinXP BSOD after installing v3.44 --- I FIXED IT, HERE'S HOW...

03.02.2004, 03:14
Operating System: Windows XP Home 2002 (includes SP1)
Burning Software: Feurio, Nero, Blindwrite
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free Version
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.44 (after uninstalling v3.33)

I see that others are having this problem, and I wanted to post my solution, in the hopes it might help someone.

Action: I uninstalled Daemon-Tools v3.33 and 3rd Party DaemonUI (En) v1.81. Then I restarted the computer, and installed Daemon-Tools v3.44.

Problem: My system developed the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) syndrome.
A boot into Normal Mode or Safe Mode would result in BSOD.
The last file name shown in Safe Mode load sequence was named d344bus.sys (a file installed by Daemon-Tools v3.44). In the next step I will disable this file, and then I am again able to boot successfully into Windows.

Solution: I booted into Windows XPs Recovery Console and disabled d344bus.sys, to do this you type Disable d344bus (without .sys). After this, Windows XP worked fine, except for an error message related to Daemon-Tools. To solve this problem I uninstall, D-tools v3.44, clean up the v3.33 leftovers, then reinstall v3.44. The details of this are given below.

First, I uninstalled Daemon-Tools v3.44, then restarted the computer.
I confirmed that d344bus.sys, and d344prt.sys were removed both are v3.44 files

Then I followed the instruction below to remove any Daemon-Tools leftovers, before reinstalling v3.44.

Error 25002, or how to remove Daemon drivers

1. follow step 1 at link above, on my system:
ST3WOLF SCSI Controller (miniport driver name)
c:\windows\system32\drivers\st3wolf.sys --- a v3.33 file

2. follow step 2 at link above, on my system:
PnP BIOS Extension
c:\windows\systems32\drivers\stwlfbus.sys --- a v3.33 file

3. follow step 3 at link above, on my system:
DELETE c:\windows\system32\drivers\st3wolf.sys --- a v3.33 file
DELETE c:\windows\systems32\drivers\stwlfbus.sys --- a v3.33 file
DELETE c:\windows\system32\stwlfbus.vxd --- a v3.33 file

4. follow step 4 at link above, on my system:
st3wolf --- v3.33 file
d344prt --- v3.44 file

5. follow step 5 at link above

6. follow step 6 at link above, on my system:
I had no yellow bangs at all.

The final below might not be essential, but I wanted to get a totally clean start, so I cleaned the registry. To do this I used
Regseeker (free for personal use) www.hoverdesk.net

Reminder: Its a good idea to backup your registry first.

First I used Clean the registry and deleted all of the green items.
Green means should be OK to delete.

Next, I used Find in Registry, and search for daemon
And delete any entries that relate to Daemon-Tools
Be careful, because Daemon might refer to something other than Daemon-Tools.

I restart the computer, reinstall Daemon-Tools v3.44
Wa lah! Daemon-Tools is once again working perfectly.

Daemon-Tools is the Greatest!
Thanks for posting the manual uninstall procedure.