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04.10.2008, 06:06
I installed Daemon tools lite a couple of days ago..... since then i have had spyware come up each time i switch computer on - Win32/FakeAV.JE trojan - i keep killing it with my antivirus and it still come up. I also have a shortcut on my desktop called "Gay Fetish Sex" which I delete then comes back.
Anyone else had this issue?
P.S.. i also unistalled Daemom tools....

04.10.2008, 09:00
Where have you downloaded DT?
Which version?
Does the hash matches?

10.10.2008, 00:58
I'm pretty sure i downloaded it from the Daemon tools website, sorry i'm vague but i didn't keep a record of where i downloaded it from. I still have the exe file if that helps.


I don't understand what you mean by 'hash'?

Thanks for the reply

10.10.2008, 06:42
Download a hash calculator and calculates the hash of the setup and verify theh ash with the given one on download site.

10.10.2008, 10:36
For example this one:


11.10.2008, 05:50
and I'm pretty sure you did NOT downloaded it from our site.

Either this - or you infected yourself somewhere else. WE
do not spread any kind of such shit.

The only thing that come to my mind would be that you have
either a false positive alert by your scanner (which scanner
btw?) - but to me this sounds unrealistic, as you already
mentioned about the spyware-problem, so it is definitly there.

I can guarantee that we are not the ones who are responsible
for it. Moreover I assume you downloaded DT somewhere else,
visited some infected website lately or used other software
that contained trojans or whatever.

I can also recommend THIS THREAD