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05.10.2008, 17:42
I m looking for a download Link for an older version of Daemon tools. I need version 4.09. Can someone please help me? I was already looking all over the internet, but there were a lot of nonreliable sites were i wasnt sure whether there are viruses on the datas, so i thought it s best if I just ask here.
thank you for answering.


05.10.2008, 18:12
Can you tell us why you need 4.09?

05.10.2008, 18:22
well i dont think that it is interesting.
But I ll tell you. A friend of mine told me that I dont have problems with DawnOfMagic if I use v4.09, I thought it doenst matter and downloaded the newer version, but as it doesnt work with the newer version i wanted to try wether it works with the older version
thank you again for helping

05.10.2008, 18:30
Well, you should tell us at least the error you get with Dawn of Magic ;)

Game is StarForce 4 protected. So when the image is made correctly, game will start.
Of course, NTFS compression has to be disabled.

05.10.2008, 18:43
well i am german, but as I see you are the German translator, so I think you will understand.
when the image will get checked it interrupts and the message:
"Kopierschutz konnte die Disk im Laufwerk nicht identifizieren. Bitte prüfen Sie, ob es eine Originaldisk ist"

I would translate it as:
"Copyright was not able to identify the Disc in the drive. Please check, whether it is the original disc"

How can i disable the NTFS compression?
I dont find such an option on my daemon tools...
thank you again

05.10.2008, 18:52
My Computer (Arbeitsplatz), right click to open context menu on the drive on which the image is stored, properties and there you should see Compress.

That error means either NTFS compression is on or bad image.

05.10.2008, 19:04
you mean:
"Laufwerk komprimieren um Speicherplatz zu sparen"?
if yes then it s bad for me because i ve got to get a new image and i was doing all that the whole day for nothing

05.10.2008, 19:33
Yes, i meant exactly that option.