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06.10.2008, 22:19
I had a couple of issues occur yesterday while I was burning 30 audio cds. First, if I was in a hurry and I clicked the "Burn project to disc" button after inserting the blank cd-r but before it was recognized, Astroburn would quit and I would get the "Report Error" to Windows popup.

Second, once I had an issue with how quickly I closed the two popup windows after completing a burn. I closed the burn complete window and then the burning progress window immediately after. This caused the cd-r drive to lock-up and I couldn't access it. I had to eject the completed disc with a paperclip and reboot to fix this. If I waited until the disc ejected before closing the burn progress window, there was no problem.

Thanks for Astroburn. Here's hoping for BWF support.

06.10.2008, 22:22
First issue is known.

Regarding second one: Astroburn crashed during verifying? If yes, also known issue.

07.10.2008, 19:18

As far as Astroburn crashing during verifying, I didn't think it was that because the GUI was still up. I clicked through both windows, the disc did not eject and the drive started making a clicking noise. Even after I mechanically ejected the disc, the drive kept making a clicking noise until I rebooted. This had never happened before. I did check and the disc did complete burning properly.

Thanks for your reply Blazkowicz.

07.10.2008, 19:43
I assume you renamed some files and then verify->crash?

08.10.2008, 00:06
No rename whatsoever. Yes, the verify checkbox was checked in the burning dialog, but I didn't do anything other that click quickly on the two windows.