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07.10.2008, 09:57
I use Win XP x32 and I'm a newbie in daemon.
I have downloaded the lite version.

I have some CD's I would like to put on my computer and mount with daemon.

But I don't know how???

Can't the lite version make the image?

can I do it this way when I have the image?

is it possible to dobbel click on the image file and it will mount itself on one of the 4 drives and start up?
or do I have to mount it to a drive manuel before the game will start up?

it's because I will put my kids easy games on the computer and they can't find out how to mount.... (3 years)
but they know how to dubbel click :-)

07.10.2008, 11:26
DAEMON Tools Pro is the best choice for games.

DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Program overview (http://www.daemonpro-help.com)

DT Lite can also make images, but they won't run as original as DT Lite can't read copy protection data at all.