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03.02.2004, 17:39
Hello to all, Iam trying to back up one of my dvd movies but when I try to make an image with alcohol 120 it gives me this message " this dvd disc is a copy protected disc!!It is currentlly not possible to dump a protected disc with this software. you could get errors during the dumping process"

and when I choose continue anyway the dumping process stops with errors.

any one knows why a120% will not make an image of this dvd?

when I start the image making wizard under cd type, it says protection:css/cppm is it impossible to make an image of a disc with these protections?

thanks in advance

03.02.2004, 19:45
Alc won't do this because of legal issues. You can try dvd decryptor (free);
as it can dump dvd as mds.

04.02.2004, 00:19
will it make 1:1 back up copies?

04.02.2004, 12:21
The problem is : "I want to make an image of my dvd, but it's encrypted", right ? DVD decryptor will allow you to extract and decrypt the VOB files on your hard disk (illegal in USA and Germany, and perhaps soon in all Europa.. beware!);
but not to create an image.

It seems to be another interessing solution : AnyDVD, from Slysoft, the guys who continue CloneCD.. it works on the background, filter all DVD protections, and let the DVD appear as unprotected.

I don't have tried it for the moment, but you could do, and let us know..

04.02.2004, 13:58
You kidding!? For sure DVD Decrpyter creates an image! It even splits it in nice chunks if your hdd partition is e.g. FAT32.

04.02.2004, 17:37
:oops: True. :oops:

Well, I don't know so much about dvd-decrypter, using it for a short time, and only for the vob's fonctionnality, in place of.. smartripper! :?

However, if someone should have experienced AnyDvd, it could be interesting to talk about it.

Apologies to nfixit2004 :(
Next time I verify my informations.

05.02.2004, 23:50
thanks for the responses guys, dvd decryptor did work and allowed me to make a back up image of my movie and burn it , dvd decyptor is hot, maybe went I run in to a bump in the road will check out others, AnyDVD etc.
Next time I verify my informations

No problem capjack. I appreciate you reading and responding to my post :D