View Full Version : problem with vista

12.10.2008, 18:00
okay here is the prob. i downloaded the newest dt but it doesent work. it installed perfectly and on task manager it shows daemon is running, but it wont open and no icon the bottom of the right? on the xp evrything was okay but it doesent work with vista?

12.10.2008, 19:10
Ensure you are starting DAEMON Tools with Administrator privileges (right click on shortcut, run as administrator).

13.10.2008, 11:22
tried that, the red icon doesent appear to the bottom of the right corner ...

13.10.2008, 13:33
Check Systray icons missing | Windows Problem Solver (http://winhlp.com/?q=node/16)

20.10.2008, 23:09
I have exactly the same problem, but I run vista, and the site about the systray problems is all about windows XP. I tried doing the same workarounds but I ended up with no solution. How can I fix this problem in windows vista?