View Full Version : DAEMON TOOLS Lite killed xp...

12.10.2008, 22:50
I just installed Daemon Tools Lite. I had no problems with installation. But when I ran it it did nothing at all. Not a single thing. Tried running it again, same effect. Restarted my computer, and when I logged in, it told me i had made significant changes to my hardware and now have to re-activate windows with a different cd-key than the original. Anyone know WHY it did this or HOW to fix it? I havn't made ANY hardware changes to my computer since i built it 4 months ago. I havn't unplugged a single thing. Please help D: :mad:

16.10.2008, 14:19
No clue why Windows wants to be reactivated, but you don't need another product key. Just call and activate over the phone. If this is a premanufactured machine (Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc), then you may need to choose the "change product key" option and type in the key on your case, then the activate by internet option again.