View Full Version : Previously mounted images history would be handy

The Fittest
03.02.2004, 19:33
I used to use CloneCD, which had this feature. But their last version sucked so I looked for an alternative.

Deamon sure is a great alternative, and looks like it can actually read more different images as well, right on!

But a history of the images I mounted previously would be a very handy feature. This way I don't have to browse and look for the image I want to mount every time I want to use it...

(Don't tell me I've overlooked this function...and it is alsready in there... :wink:)

For the rest, great util! :D

04.02.2004, 12:30
Great idea.. :)

I sign the petition.. :wink:

05.02.2004, 11:11
me too.
best suggestion i read for a long time 8)