View Full Version : Problem with Total Annilhilation ISO Writing

13.10.2008, 02:08
At the present, I'm trying to get Daemon Tools Lite to write an ISO through its toolbar, but it refuses to work. I'm trying to write an ISO for the game Total Annihilation, and I'm using Windows XP Service Pack 3.

The game has two CDs; one for campaign and another for multiplayer. Obviously, it would be tedious to switch between the two discs all of the time, and it's faster to read from the hard drive itself so I tried to write an ISO from it. However, Deamon Tools Lite prevents me from doing so whenever I try by saying "Insufficient disc space. ISO file cannot be saved!"
The warning is rather amusing, considering that I have 19 GB free on my hard drive and the CDs themselves each have less than 300 MBs.

Could anyone help out/explain to me what the Hell is going on?

13.10.2008, 06:28
Which DAEMON Tools version?

13.10.2008, 06:37
I am using Daemon Tools Lite v4.30.1.

15.10.2008, 02:29
Have you people died or something?

Not that I'm trying to be rude; but I'm starting to feel neglected.

16.10.2008, 15:08
First off, you're using free software. Any support you get is a kindness, not mandatory on their part. Second, I'm not aware of any ISO creation tool with DTools Lite, but even if they did include that, ISO doesn't contain the copy protection info necessary for your image to work, so it wouldn't do you any good. You need to use DTools Pro or Alcohol (52%/120%) to make a working image of a copy protected game.

17.10.2008, 01:05
Well, my DTools Lite came with a toolbar of some sort, and it has an add-on [?] .DLL file that allowed the toolbar to write out ISO's. I'm not sure about the copyright information, but I've already written an ISO for StarCraft: Brood War, which I would think would be more heavily protected than Total Annihilation (which is less known [and funded[?]]). I find it logical to assume that Total Annihilation will be easier to write an ISO for.
And yes, my StarCraft Brood War ISO works without any emulation.

(And I understand that any support is kindness; and of course, I give my thanks, but I wasn't typing with the thought of "It's mandatory for them to help." It was just a mere bump and comment on how I felt. Ah well; it's impossible to tell true intentions from text (usually?).)

17.10.2008, 18:24
Download ProtectionID (http://protectionid.owns.it) and scan both the disc and the install directory to find the copy protection used.