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13.10.2008, 18:07
Well, like all the other people who foolishly downloaded this program thinking it was actually a "Stable" Program only to find it apears to have been created by some one with a sheer lack of IQ.

There seems to be a massive percentage of your users who have suffered from the stupidity of your programmers resulting in BSOD and driver issues. So i'm fairly confused to why Daemon Tools has no clear warnings to indicate that this program has a high chance of causing majour damage to a users computer.

Any Way,

The reason i'm posting this here is because the program itself is a complete mess along with the lack of stability and really does need some serious attention, therefore i'm now having to spend time fixing your mistakes.

13.10.2008, 19:18
Quite funny to see that you registred just to post this completely senseless statement, and wrong conclusions.
There is indeed a certain percentage of our users which face BSODs and other problems, but this does NOT mean these issues are caused by Daemon Tools.
As a matter of fact most of these issues are caused by bugs in other drivers, just because the OS crashes after Daemon Tools installation does NOT mean the crash is caused by Daemon Tools.
We don't claim our software to be bug-free (which is impossible due to its complexity), but if there are any bugs we expect at least a bug report which contains required information like what exactly happens when and where, and e.g. to post/send a minidump so the real cause of the crash can be analyzed.
If there are any bugs in our software we will fix them!

I can assure you no one with a lack of IQ could create software like Daemon Tools anyway. ;)

13.10.2008, 22:27
complete mess and lack of stability...


such a product wouldnt be even mentioned by microsoft if that were the case.. check the link... and if you google there are various other ones...

i think your little 'rant' would have had possibly more merit had you have done any research at all and educated yourself...

and a first time poster posting such a thing sounds like a 'waaah' to me.. perhaps you installed 3.47 on vista (dumb thing to do) or did something similar.. the vast majority of users here have no issues with daemon tools, and those that did have any problems got them resolved.. a lot of other issues come into play when coding drivers (which is what daemon tools 'core' is).. other badly written drivers can cause crashes in daemon tools etc...

the fact that you don't cite one bit of information about what happened you (if, indeed anything did) really doesn't give your post any merit at all...

so, im afraid you'll have to pick up your own toys from the pram.. and while you're at it, perhaps educate yourself about daemon tools...