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03.02.2004, 22:15

Apologies, but i am new to this.

I am making an image of MOHAA at the moment. How long should it take? It has been running for 45mins and done 5%, is this about right? I have an XP2600+ with 1Gb PC2700 memory, and a 48x cd. Championship manager finished in about 2mins.

Just wandering whether this is normal? I am using Alcohol120%.


04.02.2004, 14:13
MoHAA is using Safedisc 2, which means there will be a lot of read errors found on the CD (but that's normal).
Did you use the Safedisc 2 profile in Alcohol? It has an option to fast skip the read errors, but unfortunately not all drives support this option.
Another way around this is to use the 'fastdump' method:
1. Enable safedisc emulation
2. Install the game you want to backup
3. Start the game, and wait until the safedisc check is over (you usually see a splash screen while it is safedisc checking)
4. Exit the program and do NOT remove the CD
5. Run your burning program
6. Start image creation or copying

It should skip all the read errors in a few seconds using this method.

04.02.2004, 20:37
Thanks for this, i ran it overnight, and it is working like a dream.

What is the best software to use that detects the copyright protection? I am using CLONYXXL at the moment.

The Duke
06.02.2004, 13:05
What is the best software to use that detects the copyright protection?
In my opinion, every CopyProtectionScan Software *suxx*.

Move ya Butt over HERE (http://www.copybase.ch). It's in *german*, but I think you can handle it.
Step into the Homepage and take a look on the left site: Datenbank (that's a graet Database with nearly every CP Game in it....)

Go For IT :mrgreen:

BTW: 45min are pretty long.

When i'm using Blindwrite with SD, 4x reading it might take max. 30 min for the whole CD.
Alcohol is faster, too.
For a secuROM *new*, you need about 15 min.
That's the trick. *g


06.02.2004, 19:01
I still prefer using detection software, because some games use different protections in different countries, which makes such databases useless.

10.02.2004, 19:09
on some (admittedly rare) occasions games have even been (re?)released in the same country with another protection... :P