View Full Version : Tape tool request

04.02.2004, 02:01
First, I'm a registered user, I forked over the cash, because I think Daemon tools are awesome, and rock solid. I really like the command line options. I also like the fact that you offer them as a working version. I use
DT so my kids don't have to swap CD's to play their games. No scratches, no fingerprints, no destroyed CD trays, etc." I put the command line options in a batch file which mounts the iso on my home server, and then kicks off my kids games. Product if perfect !

I know you've said you won't build burner support, but I need something different. Everybody hates the fact the NTBackup program in NT, W2k & XP have disabled CD/RW and DVD/RW even though Microsoft promised it would work in their original docs. Talk about bait and switch.

I want a new tool that would make my "real" UDF DVD/RW or CD/RW look like a tape drive to NTBackup to fake it out, and allow me to switch media.

Sounds easy enough, but I'm sure it's not. You are probably one of the only people who understands what would need to make a rock solid solution. I think you could sell alot of copies just by all the flames I've seen in google groups about the lack of the feature in NTbackup. btw, it's on the XP cd, not installed by default.

Thoughts? Another program out there that does similiar?