View Full Version : mounting via network, audio video out of sync

21.10.2008, 11:18
Hi all,

Hope you can help me!

For testing purposes I have ripped some of my DVD's to my computer, shared these files (iso) and then on my media center pc, with daemon tools, I mount theses images - however I had a problem with the audio and video being slowly out of sync, and as the movie progresses it gets worse. the only way of helping this, is by pressing the pause/play button - then it's fine for about 5 mins, and then screws again.

I have Gb lan, fairly powerful pc's, tried different players (MCE, media player normal/classic) all with same result.

Any ideas?

kind regards,

21.10.2008, 13:29
Does it work when you mount local images?

21.10.2008, 18:47
yes, that works just fine... however when I use iSCSI service it runs fine, however a pain to go do that every time.